Quality Control ! A Reference quality system

The Quality Department’s duty is to guarantee quality at all stages of the production process since the tree to the customer, in compliance with international requirements and standards. It ensures the traceability of the products produed

Using a quality control system, the Department is involved from selection of raw material suppliers right up to control of finished products. It is able to deliver certificates of analysis for every batch produced (COA.) a testing to the quality of the products and facilitating export.

We have a well established laboratories equipped with latest known instruments used in quality testing of gum  carried out by well experienced team to confirm the selection of best qualities.

We do test to measure:

  • Optical rotation.
  • Viscosity
  • Colour
  • Moisture
  • PH
  • Emulsifying properties

Quality control plays an important role in the selection of best qualities since the buying stage.
Quality control is fully responsible for all the cleaning ,drying,packing  and transporting  activities of gums all over the production areas in Sudan as we have very big warehouses for cleaning in AlObied (6000 m2), um rawaba (3000 m2), Omdurman (2000 m2), Khartoum north (1000 m2) and Afritec ( 2000 m2) and drying pool of 500 m2,that is besides transitional warehouses at all the production areas like Buram, Deain,Nehood and Damazine,all these warehouses were established in standard requirements to keep quality as in maximum as possible. All these warehouses under direct supervision of quality control department and following the highest requirements of safety  and hygine.
Quality department is playing an important role in introducing the maximum awareness to the producers regarding the improvement of quality like reducing the risk of bacteriological contamination and the use of all the tools and material needed regarding this issue,...etc.

Quality control is day by day doing the maximum efforts to improve the quality by research and studies .

Strong traceability system was set  to meet Afritec’s specific requirements. It incorporates procurement and stock management, production scheduling and quality controls conducted as part of the HACCP programme along with traceability. It includes calculation of cost prices and decision-making tools.
If a problem is detected for a batch of raw gum or finished products already dispatched, the Quality Department can issue a traceability recall, know where the product batches in question are and implement the necessary measures

A strict Quality Control system

As part of the company’s Quality Assurance system, a control programme in line with the HACCP procedure (Hazard Analysis Control of Critical Points) defines the list of analyses and controls to be performed at the various stages of production (raw materials, finished (processed)products,) and sets their frequency.

The analyses can be broken down into several categories:

  • Physiochemical analysis, to check all parameters concerned with quality (moisture, colour, viscosity and optical rotation) along with the homogeneity of the product;
  • control of the visual appearance of the packing materials  (quality of seals to guarantee the absence of any leaks, legibility of printing).

Quality Control is responsible for implementing the control programme drawn up by Quality Assurance of  NEXIRA. Some of  the tests are performed internally, in the laboratory located in the Afritec
Quality Control also includes online control, i.e. routine monitoring within the factory of a number of basic parameters: detection of nuisances (insects, rodents, etc.), verification of cleaning, etc.
If any anomalies are observed, it is the responsibility of Quality Assurance to determine the additional tests to be performed and the corrective measures to be applied.